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The menu at Fig Tree Café includes full English breakfast, toasted cheese and tomato, and burgers in various flavours - chicken mayo, ham and tomato, egg and bacon. There is always a selection of cakes and milk shakes (coffee, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or banana). Homemade meals are available every lunch time.
PMB Snacklite is a one stop for a delicious meal enroute from Livingstone to Lusaka, or heading north! The restaurant has friendly and specialised staff offering fresh brewed tea and coffee, healthy green garden salads. Full English breakfast, traditional and western meals are also available
When planning your travel route note that Kozo Lodge Choma is one of the best places to stop for a break, a bite, to stock up on drinks, or to use the spotlessly clean conveniences. As Choma lies between Lusaka and Livingstone, this is a perfect travel break for tasty fast food and a refreshing atmosphere.

Travel breaks

Travel is extremely tiring because it is full of activity and we tend to forget about the importance and value of having breaks during our travels. It is advised to always add free time and leisure activities into your trip for a variety of reasons. Travel breaks give you the chance to re charge, grab a bite, drink and maybe re-gas your vehicle. The thing with travel stops is that you usually want to stay there for as little time as possible which explains the reason why most of culinary offerings are fast food. However, there are a few travel stops that stand out for a combination of their dining options, amazing scenery and promise of a really good time.

Roadside restaurants are the best places to just happen upon while you and your friends or family are on your way across the wide country. Roadside restaurants give you the opportunity to stretch your legs and take your eyes off the road for a few hours. Most roadside restaurants have comfortable seats, toilets and some even have showers. Wherever you are going, no matter how long your journey and whoever you are travelling with, you definitely need to plan a stop at one of Zambia’s travel breaks. Zambia's travel breaks offer meals at very reasonable prices and some restaurants offer a wide range of speciality coffees.

Should you decide to treat yourself to some delicious food during your journey, there is certainly no scarcity of places to enjoy in Zambia. Venture for just a few minutes and you are sure to stumble across something to your tastes. The country has an abundance of restaurants that can satisfy every hungry traveller's craving - vegetarian and vegan delights are also available. Roadside restaurants run on the principle of not ordering your food all at once, but ordering as you go and place an importance on sharing plates with the people you dine with. Their purpose is to serve food and drink that people can fully enjoy. Staff have one goal in mind; to provide their patrons with the best food, drinks, and most of all service.

Some cafes that are travel breaks offer full English breakfast toasted cheese and tomato, and burgers in various flavours - chicken mayo, ham and tomato, egg and bacon. You might be lucky to stop by a café that offers a variety of cakes and milk shakes in various flavours such as strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. These cafes have inviting, clean and tastefully furnished dining rooms; some even have spacious gardens where you can have your meal.

Whenever your on a road trip in Zambia, stop by one of Zambia's travel breaks to refresh, relax and grab a bite to get you all set to continue the journey.

Some of Zambia's travel breaks include:

  • Fig Tree Cafe
  • PMB Snacklite
  • Kozo Lodge