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Fig Tree Café serves tasty full English breakfast, toasted sandwiches, burgers with lentil and potato veggie option, cakes, milk shakes, freshly squeezed orange juice and pineapple juice, smoothies – banana and muesli, strawberry or mango flavours, slush – mango, strawberry or watermelon in season.
The menu at Fig Tree Café includes full English breakfast, toasted cheese and tomato, and burgers in various flavours - chicken mayo, ham and tomato, egg and bacon. There is always a selection of cakes and milk shakes (coffee, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or banana). Homemade meals are available every lunch time.
For a wide variety of beers, ciders, wines, spirits and cocktails, Kwesu Restaurant and Pub in Solwezi or Kabwe are the places to be. With large TV screens, Kwesu is also perfect to catch your favourite live sporting event. Be it a drink up with friends or a night out VIP style, Kwesu is committed to serve all your entertainment needs.
Visit Kwesu Restaurant and Pub – Solwezi or Kabwe for hearty lunch or dinner. Their creative and elegant menu features a wide variety of food items including beef, chicken, fish, pork, pizza, burgers, samosas, wraps, fries, mash, rice, pasta and nshima (Zambia’s staple food). Vegetarian options are also available.