8 Doctors Health & Wellness provides a comprehensive home based care (HBC) service for patients with diabetes, stroke, HIV and other health challenges. 8 Doctors offers physical, psycho-social and spiritual care. Consultations are done by experienced doctors who establish the kind of care each particular patient needs.
Your body needs vitamins and minerals daily. Because our diet may not provide us with sufficient amounts, 8 Doctors Health & Wellness offers calcium, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, omega 3, 6 and 9, and immune system stabilisers. They also sell highly nutritious foods - sesame seeds, molasses, pumpkin seeds, chick peas and more.
Through the healing of the mind, body and soul, 8 Doctors Health & Wellness provides quality natural health care solutions by following nature's laws. They are able to reverse type 2 diabetes, dissolve fibroids, gallstones and cysts, and tackle various health conditions including HIV and cancer, using a wide range of therapies.
With a dedicated team of dentists, PearliWhyte Dental Solutions provide preventive and restorative treatments for problems affecting the mouth and teeth. All dentists at PearliWhyte Dental Solutions are highly trained specialists with many years of experience and regular training in the latest dental technology.
With a high standard of professional care, City Dental offers a wide range of professional dental care services that cover all dental disciplines. The clinic strives to maintain the highest quality of dental care possible by ensuring a high quality workforce through a careful recruitment and selection.
Aesthetic Studio Bliss's aesthetic medicine focuses on satisfy the desires of individuals to look and feel younger by using non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures. Medical procedures include botox for both men and women and dermal filler injections, liquid facelifts, mesotherapy, hair treatments and massages.
The Radisson Blu Hotel Lusaka provides an array of upscale services for guests' comfort and convenience, a pool and also features a fitness center. The well equipped PACE Fitness Center offers a range of equipment, including cardiovascular machines and a weights system.
Dedicated to making your fitness experience an exceptional one, Oxygym is open throughout the week from Monday to Saturday 05:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs. It is open Sundays and public holidays from 05:00 hrs. to 14:00 hrs. Oxygym has experienced staff who are friendly, motivating and genuine fitness enthusiasts.
Bupilo Family Health Clinic aims to manage lifestyle diseases using the laws of health. These laws are pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water for drinking, washing and therapy and trust in divine power. The clinic provides nutrition and cooking classes to help clients develop healthy eating practices.
In its provision of clinical services, Bupilo Family Health Clinic adheres to Ministry of Health guidelines and quality assurance systems. Its mission is to practice the art of healing according to the laws of health. The clinic runs health education programmes, cooking classes and a shop for whole foods and books.
Stay healthy and fit at the InterContinental Health and Fitness Centre. Access saunas, steam massage facilities, cardio vascular machines and free weights, with a fitness trainer to guide you. Aerobics and step dancing classes are scheduled regularly. There are also three tennis courts and an outdoor swimming pool.
The clinic attends to both Muslim and non Muslim patients at a nominal fee, or free of charge if they are unable to afford the fee. Medicines are also provided on a subsidized or free of charge basis. The Islamic day clinic attends to almost 6,000 patients a month.
Pace Health Club Gym at Radisson, courtesy of Uzuri Spa fitness, provides thrilling cardio, weights and exclusive personal training sessions tailored to meet your needs. The gym is designed to maximise your complete health and fitness. Their team of instructors are trained to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible.
The hotel has a fully equipped gym where guests can enjoy a full body workout and several recreational facilities – a large swimming pool, a tennis court, table tennis tables and a number of pool tables. Guests at The Golden Peacock have a good choice of relaxation and keep fit options.
Shakespeare Fitness Club's aims to help clients live a healthier, happier lifestyle. The Club has invested in some of the best gym equipment like a cross trainer, treadmills, bikes and many more. No matter what your fitness level, the trained and motivated staff will guide you.
Renew Medica is dedicated to making clients feel and look their absolute best, ensuring the highest professional standards at all times. Whether you are interested in laser hair removal or photo rejuvenation, or have skin concerns, Renew Medica has an experienced and qualified team who can deliver the results you are looking for.
Pilates offers relief from stress and back pain and gives heightened mind-body awareness and increased self-confidence. Pilates is a form of mind-body exercise that builds on the essence and principles of the late Joseph H. Pilates. It is designed to strengthen the weak and challenge the strong.
This gym operates within a 1,200 square meter facility, offering a comprehensive and dynamic range of services that help clients get into shape. Universal Fitness has six professional trainers on hand to assist clients in developing a suitable training regime, especially useful during their first few weeks of membership.
As a wellness centre, Riverview Wellness Centre gives you a window to better health. Through a combination of treatments, massage, dietary changes and exercise, you can renew your energy and help restore a foundation of good health. The team invites you to come and be their next success story!
Gym work-outs are recognised as an effective way of getting fit, relieving stress, increasing energy and body strength, reducing weight, or any combination of these. The Body Temple gym at Kingfisher Garden Court is well equipped for men, women and children of all ages.
The gym at Village Rest is a large 200 sq m building with a beautifully decked out, fully equipped training area. Facilities include weights, treadmills, cross-trainers and stationary bikes. Professional supervision and training assistance is available. The Village Rest management team is affiliated to the Zambia Amateur Swimming Union.