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Shakti Engineering fabricates a wide array of steel structures including fuel station canopies. The company is also capable of making custom safes, security doors and automation gate systems. Shakti Engineering focuses on meeting and exceeding your expectations through quality and professionalism.
Steel Valley expertly designs, fabricates and fits a variety of decorative and metal safety fittings including but not limited to window security barriers, decorative steel arts, doors, security door barriers, windows, gates, fencing and railings.
Fabulous Engineering is able to fabricate a wide selection of metals to create high quality fabrications. The company stocks an extensive range of materials and uses state-of-the-art machinery. Fabulous Engineering is continuously improving and enhancing their processes to maximise their customer convenience.
Zambian Safes and Equipment incorporates the latest technology in manufacturing and installing world-class safes and vault security doors. The company also manufactures a variety of banking equipment including cash in transit boxes, FD40 cabinets, fireproof filing cabinets, cash mesh baskets and teller canisters.
Vaulsafes and Equipment is dedicated to providing clients with highly innovative security products and services at competitive prices, with an assurance of timely deliveries. They make safes, strong room doors, vault doors, fire proof cabinets, staff lockers, money counters, vault cages and cash-in-transit boxes.
As one of the few local suppliers of high security products, Zamsafes and Alarms manufactures custom-built security products with an excellent service both before and after sales. Safes and vault doors come with a lifetime guarantee and locks are serviced every 6 months.
Espeka fabricates stainless steel railings, window and door frames, steel structures, swing and sliding gates. The company also supplies and repairs roller shutters, retractable security doors, retractable windows, shade carports, garage doors, assorted gates and electric fencing both wall-top and free standing.
Chizo Investments manufactures a broad range of wrought iron products for both inside and outside the home, from bed frames to gates and fencing. Whether you want to relax in the open air or enjoy a dinner party within, their elegant furniture is carefully constructed with aesthetics in mind, impressing any social gathering.
Zamnails uses up-to-date technology to produce the best quality of nails, wire fences, barbed wires, brick force wires, binding wires and tying wires. The company focuses on meeting first class standards in the manufacturing of their products. Possessing much expertise, their team of craftsmen deliver excellent workmanship.
For quality metal fabrication and construction that accommodates your design specifications, visit Zamchrome Electroplating Solutions. Its services include general fabrication, structural fabrication and machining. It also manufactures and repairs hydraulic rams and cylinders.
Forge designs and installs durable security barriers that are superbly designed, and constructed from the finest corrosion resistant materials. Owners can expect years of smooth, maintenance-free operation from its roller shutter doors, retractable barriers and fixed grills.
Formex General Dealers is a leading manufacturer and distributor in Zambia of nuts, bolts, screws, threaded bars and rivets. Its range of bolts include metric course bolts, fine threads bolts and UNC/UNF bolts. The company supplies counter sunk screws, Allen cap screws, self-drilling screws, chipboard screws and wood screws.
ZALCO manufactures quality brands of pots and pans, namely Alumpoto, Yolimba and Afripot. They also make aluminium sheets for a wide range of applications, steel deformed bars that are essential in the construction industrial, and oxygen gas used in industrial applications.
The company originally developed its engineering workshops to fabricate the tanks for their own fuel transporters, and to maintain the rest of their extensive plant and equipment. Keren Motors now provide these services to customers who need metal tanks and plant maintenance.
The Danyan Engineering metal fabrication team work with their customers to design and develop a wide range of metal products in their Lusaka fabrication workshop. The fabrication team can also help mend metal products with their welding service. Some of their products are Steel tanks, water tanks, gas tanks and stands.
It makes a range of metal products – tough and durable aluminium pots, metal toe caps for safety footwear and gang nails for strengthening wood structures. They also manufacture Zambia water supply products and agricultural products.
A relatively new company that is quickly establishing itself as a quality producer of made to order steel items such as filing cabinets, ventilation doors, ducting, burglar bars and braais. They also carry out general work like bending and cutting, engineering services and machinery assembly in their well equipped premises.