Davis & Shirtliff is a leading renewable energy company, with a presence in Zambia and other African countries. Sourced from international manufacturers, their renewable energy products include solar panels, water heaters and pumps, wind generators, lighting, batteries, inverters and controllers.
Solar and power generators provide an added level of insurance to your daily routine or business operations to ensure uninterrupted power supply. You can order a wide selection of solar power systems and diesel/petrol generators from Ola Zambia. The company is focused on offering affordable products that will provide reliable energy to you or your customers.
The professional team at Solar Suntech is available to guide you through the process of assessing your renewable energy needs, supplying and installing the right components, and providing after-sales support and maintenance. Other services include project identification and evaluation.
Sunray Power Company is a leading supplier of domestic and commercial solar panels, batteries, inverters, pumps, lights, fridges, charge controllers and more. The company aims to make you self reliant with regard to energy generation thereby reducing your energy costs as well as environmental pollution.
Cardinal Distributors are the official distributors of the Tiger head brand of batteries in Zambia. Products include red carbon batteries, alkaline batteries, free maintenance batteries, solar automotive batteries, high power batteries and dry charged automotive batteries. The company also distributes energy saving bulbs.
Finecop Zambia supplies a wide range of solar panels, inverters, batteries, water heaters and pumps for a wide variety of applications. The team of engineers is available to guide you through the installation process, providing you with the facts you need to help you maximize your savings and gain the full benefit of using solar energy.
For customers that want to avoid the current power deficit or exorbitant electricity bills, Green Energy Distributors distribute a full range of solar equipment and accessories including panels, inverters, batteries, charge controllers, and hot water systems. The notable brands include Schneider Electric, Morning Star, Rolls, Suntech, Legrand, and Magnum.
PowerBack Energy Solutions supplies and installs solar inverters, panels, batteries, water pumps and boosters, geysers, air conditioners, charge controllers, fridges, deep freezers, lights, as well as tricycles for passengers and cargo. The company provides field proven power back up systems that are easy and affordable.
Kazang Solar distributes reliable and efficient home solar systems. The company has a goal to provide quality and cost-effective energy solutions for domestic and business purposes. Customers can pay cash or in installments with a contract, allowing them to own the product after paying back the 80 weeks contract.
Ganesh Power Solutions provides power solutions dependent on its customers' needs and budgets. The company advises and develops alternative power solutions for domestic and commercial use. Ganesh Power Solutions has a goal to drive its customers to a green solution for power requirements, thus gaining independence from the main grid.
Dynamax Distribution provides a variety of high quality solar charged products including solar lights and lanterns, solar lighting kits as well as torch bulbs. The company also stocks solar cell phone chargers at competitive prices. Their range comes in all shapes and sizes allowing you to choose what suits your budget and needs.
Tech Power is a major distributor of a wide selection solar generators, panels, inverters, batteries and related accessories in Zambia. The company's goal is to provide easy to use, cost effective and hassle free green energy solutions to its clients. Tech Power is committed to product superiority and service excellence.
Id Solar Solutions provides clients with quality and reliable power solutions at an affordable price. The company's range of products includes solar photo-voltaic (hybrid) power systems, power backup systems, solar PV water pumping solutions, solar PV refrigeration solutions and energy efficient appliances.
The company is one of the leading manufacturers of solar batteries and automotive batteries. ZALCO manufactures two brands of batteries - Solar Max and Power Max. The long life Solar Max batteries are designed for energy storage within solar energy systems. Power Max batteries are automotive batteries.
Solar-Zuwa Solutions supplies worldwide recognised solar panels, hot water solar geysers and generators that are certified and guaranteed. This company has a wide range of products – from simple lights to complete power solutions for offices, homes, rural property and lighting systems for agricultural purposes such as chicken rearing.
As a local representative of Norwegian partners W. Giertsen Solar Energy Solutions, Ndkay offers a variety of solar systems. The company provides solutions such as design and installation of off grid systems, solar pumping solutions, back-up systems for critical areas like clinics, labs and domestic solar solutions.
Powerworld provides world class, stand-alone energy systems and offers several options for installation of these systems. The company can also supply solar system parts on behalf of clients, solar mobile phone chargers and solar switches. Solar modules are highly efficient and guaranteed an 80% level performance for 25 years.
Muhanya Solar is currently expanding its sales and installations of renewable energy equipment to increase the use of renewable energy in Zambia. With its team of professionally trained staff members, it has supplied and installed systems of varying sizes and applications.
Battery King Investments are one of the leading suppliers of fully sealed maintenance free deep cycle (pleasure/solar) batteries in Zambia which come with an 18 month warranty. When it comes to power back-up applications, one size does not fit all. This is why this company offers a wide range of deep cycle batteries to meet your exact application.