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Shop the latest mobile phones, TVs, projectors, desktops, laptops, refrigerators, microwaves, kettles, blenders, pressing irons, air conditioners, washing machines, water dispensers and sound systems on Ola Zambia's marketplace. All products are sourced from leading manufacturers including Huawei, Sony, Samsung, LG, Hp, GMCC, Midea and Xiaomi.
The Phil Photo shops around Lusaka offer a whole range of interesting photographic equipment and accessories, video recorders, cameras, powerpacks, lenses, stands that you may need for your photography hobby or profession. All the best brands Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Fujifilm and Sanyo are stocked.
Hazida E-Zone is one of leading dealers in the Zambian market for electronic products that include LED, LCD, plasma TVs, wireless audio systems and high quality home cinema entertainment systems. The store maintains a large chain of retail stores with a total of 11 access points and a team of reliable and professional stuff.
Telefonika provides quality electronic goods for a variety of applications. The store is committed to offering you with the most comprehensive range of products including the latest releases from top manufacturers of electronic devices. The store provides an excellent after sales service for all products offered.
A A Electronics supplies the industry with various electronic goods including vehicle safety and lighting, computer equipment, as well as security systems. The company prides itself in selling only the highest quality equipment, including products that are well known in the industry for their reliability.
City Centre Suppliers stock a huge variety of items, providing a great choice for their customers. Products include electronic products and alarms to computer and car accessories. Find professional musical equipment, public address systems, LCD and plasma screens, guitars, professional video cameras, brass band instruments.