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Philips Lighting, distributed through Specialised Systems in Zambia, is a leading provider of high quality affordable lighting solutions and applications for both professional and consumer markets. Philips Lighting is dedicated to introducing innovative, end-user-driven, energy-efficient solutions for lighting.
Light up your home or office with Pafriw Hardware’s range of lighting systems. The company also offers a wide selection of electrical equipment and accessories for various power needs. Pafriw is always working hard in the lighting and electrical industry to bring you more quality products, solutions and innovative ideas.
Light up your home, business or workplace with a selection of lighting available at great prices from Pioneer Power Techniques. Whether you are looking for LED, fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs, you will find it here. They stock an array of lighting fixtures adaptors, smart home products, allowing you to safely install any light fixture.
Best Buy Lighting offers lights and lighting products to householders repairing their homes and those buying the items needed for an electrician to do the job. The company supplies equipment at wholesale prices to retailers, as well as builders and electricians involved in building projects of all sizes.
Dedicated to providing innovative and quality food and beverage storage solutions, Polar House distributes Coldpoint and Danfoss commercial bottle coolers, island and glass top freezers, as well as under bar fridges. These products are designed to help businesses maximise the profitability of their operations.
This company has designed its showroom to stimulate, inspire and guide its customers. It strives to represent the moods of different lifestyles through affordably priced lighting solutions. The Orca lighting section features indoor lighting products such as pendants, chandeliers, desk lamps and lamp shades.
Phoenix Zambia based in Lusaka, Zambia, supply electric lighting for the domestic market, the building trade and industrial buildings. The company has been in business since 2003 and has built up a reputation as lighting specialists. With stock turning over quickly and new designs constantly being introduced, Phoenix customers have a broad choice.
OG Electricals offers quality electrical and lighting products at a wholesale price. The company is the sole distributor of the T&J brand. T&J Electric is one of the leading manufacturers of basic electrical sockets and switches and has an extensive international network of distribution.
Mica Zambia offers a broad range of lighting brands which include Bright Star Lighting, Osram Voltex and IntelliBright. Electrical goods such as Russell, Hobbs, Salton, Ellies and Voltex are also offered. It's very likely you'll be able to find what you are looking for at the store.
At Comfort Air HVAC Systems, you will find a huge range of reputable and reliable air conditioning, heating and refrigeration units. Comfort Air HVAC Systems' highly trained and certified technicians will help you choose the right make and model that is perfect for your specific heating and cooling needs.