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Shakti Engineering designs a wide selection of personalised corporate gifts including pens, cardholders, table items, trophies, shields and more. Their gifts have a massive impact when it comes to brand loyalty and awareness and go a long way in supporting your marketing efforts.
Turtle Awards offers high-quality sporting awards, cups, shields, acrylic plaques and custom-designed medals. With a highly skilled team and state-the-art tools, this company is also able to engrave your awards. Other products are custom company seals, stamps and various signage options.
When it comes to handcrafted gifts and souvenirs, Team Five Gifts and Crafts has you covered. Their array of unique products represent the local culture and are carefully and skillfully made by local artists and designers. If you are visiting Zambia, be sure to stop in and get a little something to take home for yourself, your family or friends.
Oriental Food & Gift Store customers can visit the outlets or online gifts section for arts and crafts as well as hard-to-find gifts from the Far East. The store offers a wide array of gifts including exotic products, homeware and kitchenware, including popular Oriental gifts such as Chinese tea mugs, jewellery, stationery and calligraphy items.
Kubu Crafts offers an interesting range of traditional, contemporary and African arts and crafts, suitable for gifts and souvenirs. These contemporary crafts are handmade and environmentally friendly. The range features the best of arts, crafts, and gifts from both Zambia and the region.
With each crocheted using recycled plastic, Chikumbuso Women and Orphans Project offers a wide variety of high quality hand bags and purses. They are beautiful, last forever and benefit a whole community of orphans, widows and single mothers in Zambia. Chikumbuso is passionate about empowering women to make a better life.
The Jewel of Africa offers unique jewellery including charms, bracelets, rings and earrings. They also have a full range of birthday gemstones available, for incorporation into any design you may dream of. Your birthstone is decided by your month of birth and giving a birthstone to someone special is a great way of making your gift personal.
Whether you need corporate gifts for exhibitions, customer recognition, staff incentives, you will find a superb collection of promotional product ideas at Two Rabbits Gifts. Gifts have been shown to be one of the most cost effective marketing mediums, providing tangible recipient engagement and unrivalled longevity.
Dedicated to creating one of a kind works of art with clay, Frangipani Enterprises produces a diverse range of reduction fired stoneware. All materials used in the production processes go through various tests in order to make high quality products that will stand the test of time.
This is the only shop in Zambia where you can find spiritual ornaments such as incenses, charcoal burners and sacred art such as paintings, statues and crosses. Incenso also has special printed prayers with incense, to help with many life challenging situations.
Lovetree aims to cushion the many hardships women face. Many women are illiterate and looking after children, it is for this reason that Lovetree was started which is an income generating project. Women that are part of this project have expressed happiness because they are able to work from home and get paid for each piece they sew.
The carpentry workshop provides a full range of metal and high quality wooden furniture, mukwa, teak and rosewood. At Olga's Italian Corner you will also find a showroom of African crafts made by the Youth Community Training Center carpentry and tailoring workshops.
Ababa House is a smart boutique full of imaginative creations made uniquely by Zambian and Zimbabwean artists. Browse from a wide selection of art work both student and professionally made including cards and curios, paintings and pictures, furniture, salad servers, beads and bowls, paper, paints, brushes and so much more!
Turtle Awards is one of the industry leader in engraving plates, trophy plates, and engraving name plates. The plates are made from solid material either brass, nickel, or copper with expert engraving to create wall plaques or for any trophy you may want to adorn with a custom engraved plate of any size.
Afrikolor Batiks is the ideal destination for those looking for distinctive products. It has a wide selection of gift ideas and is able to make custom orders according to specific tastes and needs. The fabrics are so unique that no two pieces printed on the same day or dyed at the same time, are ever alike.