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Kubu Crafts offers an interesting range of traditional, contemporary and African arts and crafts, suitable for gifts and souvenirs. These contemporary crafts are handmade and environmentally friendly. The range features the best of arts, crafts, and gifts from both Zambia and the region.
The Jewel of Africa offers unique jewellery including charms, bracelets, rings and earrings. They also have a full range of birthday gemstones available, for incorporation into any design you may dream of. Your birthstone is decided by your month of birth and giving a birthstone to someone special is a great way of making your gift personal.
The carpentry workshop provides a full range of metal and high quality wooden furniture, mukwa, teak and rosewood. At Olga's Italian Corner you will also find a showroom of African crafts made by the Youth Community Training Center carpentry and tailoring workshops.