Mama Africa Enterprises provides bulk-transport services for the mining and construction sector. It offers reliable transportation of goods throughout the country. It distributes mining materials such as coal, stones, cement and more. The vehicles have tracking devices to enable customers to have real time updates on their cargo.
With a modern fleet of over 30 tankers, Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia can transport its range of petroleum products to any part of Zambia. All tankers are approved by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB), Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) and Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA).
Let Jekman help you coordinate the transportation of your project cargo from your various local and international suppliers to any part of Zambia. Their team will manage the entire supply chain and advise on the best practical and cost-effective solutions to help you achieve your business objectives regardless of the scope and size of your project.
Aware of the challenges facing their clients, Deniz Blocks can deliver orders of 1,000 blocks or more to sites within and around Lusaka. Deniz has several branches from which you can order your blocks, pavers and kerbs
Fast and Speed Logistics offers reliable logistics and haulage services for just about any size of goods. The company specialises in express delivery services, pick - ups, door to door delivery and consolidated load services. Their reliable fleet of vehicles enables them to deliver your goods on-time anywhere.
SGC Investments provides personalized transportation logistics of petroleum products. As a customer, expect safe on-time deliveries of their products, allowing you to manage your business professionally and profitably. SGC will closely work with you to schedule deliveries whenever they are most beneficial to maximize capital savings.
Companies and individuals can hire City Waste Solutions' range of trucks for the transportation of goods from one point to the other either within Lusaka or anywhere in Zambia. The company is committed to providing freight forwarding services with care and reliability.
Cape Cathy transport bulk cargo, high security cargo and cargo with additional time sensitivity. The company carefully plans their transport network to keep turnover time between trips to an absolute minimum, ensuring you can quickly unlock the value you have tied up in goods transit.
With a well maintained and large fleet of vehicles, Shif Contractors and General Dealers delivers fire safety equipment, hardware, electrical clothing, building materials and stationery around the country. The company is committed to delivering goods on time and in good condition at competitive prices.
Total performs quality controls on its fuels throughout the logistics chain in order to ensure the distribution of superior quality fuels. The additives developed by Total research are added to the fuel during the filling of the tanker-trucks, prior to delivery to Total stations. Dedicated tankers deliver throughout Zambia.
Elbaliz Holding specialises in the shipment of goods within Tanzania and its neighbouring countries including Zambia, Malawi, DR Congo, Burundi and more. Through its network of partners, this company has access to most modes of transportation, ensurng timely and efficient delivery of your cargo.
With a wide range of vehicles, JPSM Innovations offers world class haulage and logistics services that are designed to meet its customers' transportation needs within and across Zambia's borders. The company provides a professional and personalised service, and is committed to collect and deliver consignments on time, every time.
Lusaka Consolidators specialises in providing personalised logistic solutions. The company has a variety of vehicles that enable it to transport and deliver a broad spectrum of goods. To continuously improve their customer experience, the company is constantly looking for new ways to refine their business processes.
Exodus Worldwide Van Lines specialises in origin and destination services for household goods and personal effects shipments. It also provides in-house forwarding to facilitate all shipping arrangements. The company operates an extensive vehicle fleet, with experienced drivers and staff.
This company provides safe and secure heavy duty long and short distance haulage services. Currently, GL Carriers has a fleet of three 30 ton Iveco trucks and trailers, and a 30 ton Renault truck. The company caters for a wide-variety of clients and is committed to delivering excellent haulage and logistics solutions.
Kept Cool is owned by a Zambian based company with sister companies in Harare in Zimbabwe as well as Johannesburg in South Africa, with over 50 years of transport experience in Zambia and Africa. Trucks of various sizes offer refrigeration storage space in Lusaka and other areas within Zambia.
Celtic Freight is specialised in the transport of various commodities. Celtic exclusively services the Zambian import and export market so efficiency and effective control is achieved. Their routing is Durban, Johannesburg, South Africa, Botswana, and Kazungula, Zambia, using their own tracking system.
Van Way Carriers provides haulage, logistic solutions and cross border freight forwarding between South Africa and Zambia via road freight. Van Way offices in South Africa and Zambia deal exclusively with licensed clearing agents. SADC duty free exemption certificates can be arranged and issued.
Committed to providing customers with the highest level of service available, Kapunga Transport and Removals offers professional shipping and courier solutions for all types of household and other goods. Their dedicated team have the expertise to handle goods moving rapidly and seamlessly.
Juba Transport is committed to providing high quality services coupled with effective management so as to provide outstanding transportation services that meet customer expectations. The company ferries unleaded petroleum, gas, oil and paraffin, as well as acid, from Ndola to various destinations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Fedrol Cargo & Logistics provides transportation for vehicles to and from border posts - directly, using drivers, or in bulk on car carriers. Alternatively Fedrol can advise the client on when to travel to Dar-es-Salaam to pick up the vehicle themselves. Fedrol has a modern bonded warehouse where goods are securely stored.
Keren Motors has a multitude of trucks, mechanical horses, open trailers, flatbed trailers and box trucks for short, medium and long distance haulage of goods. The haulage services extend around Zambia and the region including the East, Central and Southern African region.
This is a privately owned company that provides safe and reliable transportation of cargo through a network of strategically located service centres in Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, D.R. Congo, Malawi, Rwanda and Burundi. Tanfreight transports cargo by air and road to various parts of the world.
Worldmasters Freight Logistics offers haulage and logistics services by air, road, ocean and rail. With many years of experience in logistics and transport systems, this company is able to recommend the best solutions to its clients. Worldmasters ensures that its client’s cargo is delivered on time, safely and on budget.

Haulage and Logistics

In order to provide maximum flexibility a fleet of flat-bed and drop-side trailers is necessary to enable loading of containerised cargo as well as break-bulk goods transporting between Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi and the Eastern DRC and within Zambia.