Blueberry Travel and Tours always recommend their clients to book travel insurance to get protection on their family holiday, business trip or short weekend to get away against any unforeseen events such as accident, illness, injury, sickness, trip cancellation, curtailment, loss or damage to baggage, delays and much more.
Overseas travel insurance offers great benefits, ranging from medical expenses cover in the event of an unexpected illness or accident, pay-outs for travel delays and lost property during travel. Prudential Life Zambia gives travellers peace of mind knowing that they are covered by a plan that meets their unique travel insurance needs.

Travel insurance

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, you will appreciate the benefits and coverage Zambian insurance companies provide including medical expenses, personal liability, personal accident and luggage loss cover. Insurance companies are committed to providing response solutions to their customers so they can face risks head on. Staff are highly trained and familiar with the needs travellers and maintain a friendly relationship. They provide prompt, reliable and consistent support while offering high quality products and services to policyholders. When you get travel insurance, you do not want to worry about the considerable risks that are always lurking as part of the travel scenario. It is tailored to protect your non-refundable vacation investment, providing cover if you experience unforeseen emergencies while traveling. When you get insurance during travel, it gives you peace of mind knowing you have some financial protection should things go awry.

In Zambia, you can buy travel insurance to cover specific needs, such as medical emergencies, or trip interruption. But more often, businesses buy comprehensive insurance policies that include broad, primary coverage, which means your expenses will be taken care of regardless of your other insurance coverage, such as your health insurance or business liability insurance.

Travel insurance vary depending on the extent of coverage needed and the policy provider. If you are not sure what kind of travel insurance is best for your trip or how much coverage is enough or how long you need it for? There is a full range of companies to assist you in finding a solution that will fit your travel plans and budget. Travel insurance providers are committed to offering their customers innovative solutions, assistance and emergency travel service plans. Their goal is to help leisure and business travellers alike solve travel related problems and manage travel related risks.

In situations where you are traveling away from home, or to a foreign country, there is nothing more reassuring than having resources available in the event of an emergency. If you travel, it could be a good investment to protect yourself and your belongings. Browse through the various companies that offer this service on this site and choose one that meets your needs.