Tongabezi is the ultimate safari destination, with a range of adrenaline packed activities to keep guests entertained throughout their stay. Victoria Falls is one of the world's natural wonders and among the most spectacular sights in all Africa. The best place to witness this immense mass of water is tiny Livingstone Island.
The African Queen accommodates up to 120 guests on board the luxury cruiser. The African Princess carries a maximum of 80 passengers. Activities include game viewing, birding while cruising on the Upper Zambezi River. Enjoy your choice of one of the cruises on the top, mid or lower deck.
At the park, Shoppers and vendors can interact over the perfect Zambian gift in the relatively new purpose-built market shopping mall which was created in appreciation of the cultural value of the site and the people that have used it over the years. Craftsmen recommend you walk through the entire market before buying.
Gwembe Reptile Park and Safaris has a collection of Zambia's most notorious reptiles. The reptiles include crocodiles and snakes that have been captured because they were posing a danger to humans and themselves. Watching these reptiles never cease to invoke feelings of fascination, respect and fear in visitors.
Offering cultural dance groups, live music and handicrafts workshops, the Livingstone Performing Arts Foundation is your ideal place to arrange cultural entertainment in Livingstone. The Arts Café has a bar and restaurant, an art gallery, artisan workshops, and a theatre where the shows takes place.
Safari Par Excellence 's Zambezi Elephant Trails offers a unique and exciting way to explore the wilderness around Victoria Falls. Located near Thorntree Lodge, approximately 10 km from Livingstone, Zambezi Elephant Trails has established Zambia's first 'Elephant Camp'.
Take the sunset cruise on the calm Upper Zambezi with three different types of cruise boats to choose from and suit your budget. Safari Par Excellence offers something for everyone the boats include MV Makumbi and MV Mambushi these are based at Zambezi Waterfront and the Lady Livingstone at David Livingstone Safari Lodge.
Take the challenge with Kayak the Zambezi offering unique, well run and professional adventures on the Zambezi River. The company also offers a variety of kayak schools, multi-days trips, tandem kayaking, paddler logistics and kayak rental. The experienced instructors are able to take people with absolutely no experience.
Bwaato Adventures Safaris specialises in rhino and game walks. The professional tracking team goes out at dawn to confirm their whereabouts so guests are certain to see rhino. These walks usually last up to 3 - 4 hours, on this walk you get a chance to see the oldest male in the Mosi O'Tunya National Park.
A thrilling introductory flight departing from the Maramba Airfield, over the incredible scenery of the Zambezi and Victoria Falls. Circle over the Falls and the islands then return to the airfield or a slightly longer flight than the Short Flight above, with the addition of an exciting swoop into the Batoka Gorge.
Jet Extreme has something for adventurers, adrenalin junkies and explorers. Jet boat rides have gained a reputation for extreme fun over the last decade. These boats have a shallow draft and loads of power, so you'll jet over just inches of water to reach the Zambezi River in the Batoka Gorge.
The Batoka Sky Microlights offers thrilling and amazing views of the mighty Victoria Falls and the spectacular Batoka gorge that the Zambezi River has carved into the surrounding landscape over many thousands of years. There is no better view than a flight over the magnificent Victoria Falls.
Enjoy the privilege of a fully inclusive serviced bar, local beers, spirits and soft drinks only, and a unique on-board BBQ, served to guests during their cruise. Sunset cruises offer a great way to end the day, relax and unwind on the river and make new friends - and of course to see and enjoy the often spectacular sunsets.
Victoria Falls River Safaris offers you an exceptional upper river safari experience to amazing parts of the Zambezi that have previously been out of reach. Enjoy the thrill of speeding over rapids then slowing down for a leisurely game viewing trip around the islands.
Safari Par Excellence offers the ultimate white water rafting in Livingstone with a team of guides on the Zambezi who are all accredited by the International Rafting Federation. SafPar operates year round the river conditions are determined by seasonally predictable fluctuations in water levels.
The Livingstone Quad Company offers all-terrain quad bikes that let you discover and explore the magnificent landscapes surrounding Livingstone and the Batoka Gorge. These vehicles can be used by both beginner and experienced riders under the supervision of a qualified guide. The company maintains high safety standards.
The Victoria Falls Horse Safaris offers a unique and unforgettable experience transporting you back to a former era of grace and charm. The company offer magnificent horseback rides from the Falls Resorts along trails within the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park which lead to spectacular views of the Victoria Falls.
Makora quest canoe safaris offers safaris that take you through narrow channels on the mighty Zambezi River. This a great opportunity for game viewing with a choice of trips that include a half day, full day, multi day and the amazing overnight experience. The company has experienced guides.
The Upper Zambezi River has stunning vegetation such as ebonies, water berries, palms and a tremendous variety of acacia and albizia. SafPar provides the best way to explore the upper river, its islands and channels. The rapids are small and at their peak are only classed as grade two, which is the second easiest grade.
Started in September 2011, United Air Charter operates from a site known as Baobab Ridge which is 4kms from the Zimbabwe/Zambia border on the left hand side driving towards Zimbabwe. The site is unique with stunning views of the mighty Victoria Falls and was chosen because it is near the falls.
A unique opportunity to ride on and interact with elephants. Each elephant is under the charge of a handler. The trips are lead by a professional guide. The end of safari you get an opportunity to take photographs of yourselves feeding and interacting with these awesome African elephants.
Everyone, of course, wants to visit Victoria Falls. The Falls, always awe inspiring, change with every season: sometimes full of flood water flowing with astonishing force and creating massive spray and huge rainbows; sometimes during the dry season you can see the bottom and walk on the upriver side across the rocks carved out by the force of water.
Allow Mukuni Big 5 Safaris to provide you with this ultimate African experience, giving you memories to cherish forever. Mukuni Big Five has a lure system that runs the cheetah providing not only excellent stimulus for the animals but also great opportunities to see this magnificent animal at its top speed.
Cycle through some of the most untouched parts of Africa on mountain bikes. From the sedate to physically challenging, with back up crew always on hand for repairs and reassurance! These tours give you a unique view of Zambian, Malawian and Tanzanian landscapes and parks. Experience the charm of the local people first hand.