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Advertising trailers available

OneLife Communication offers this unique 24/7 advertising method by placing your advertisement on the semi-trailers that routinely drives around while promoting your company's brand for a low flat rate. It is a known fact that moving and stationary semi-trucks will turn heads and create ever lasting impressions.

For more information and to advertise your business contact OneLife Communication.

9 Milima Road, Woodlands, Lusaka
+260 211 256278
Advertising trailers available
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OneLife Communications and Events Company
OneLife Communications and Events Company
Event and hospitality management
Broadcast monitoring of advertising
Music and Stage equipment
This company provides an extensive range of multimedia and advertising services, as well as events and hospitality management. OneLife Communications and Events also offers state-of-the-art music and stage equipment. It is proficient in a broad spectrum of communications and events services including product and service launches, congresses, fundraisers, conventions, competitions, exhibitions, charity events, meetings, seminars, dinners, cocktails and receptions.
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