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Bosch smart battery charger available in stock

Diesel Electric Zambia has Bosch battery chargers available in stock. The Bosch SmartChargers® battery chargers brings batteries back to life quickly and easily. The SmartChargers® product line is even capable of effortlessly re-charging exhaustively discharged batteries.

How safe is it to re-charge batteries?

No need to worry! The electronic charging system automatically checks how much charge your car battery actually needs or can take – regardless of the type of battery concerned. One-button operation makes incorrect use virtually impossible and the terminals remain de-energized if they are incorrectly connected to the posts. This means you can charge your car battery without any risk and, if required, without removing it from the vehicle.

For more information visit Diesel Electric today.

4791/2 Chifinga Road, Light Industrial Area, Lusaka
+260 211 229103, +260 211 229104
Bosch smart battery charger available in stock
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Diesel-Electric has been serving the Zambia population since 1964. With over 50 years in Zambia it is the original Bosch Partner in Zambia, and its world class operation and facility reflects its commitment to the country. Diesel Electric sells their products wholesale and direct to the public. The company has the largest installed base of generators (SDMO) in Zambia, with its own technicians for repairs and service based in Kitwe and Lusaka.