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Nature's Choice products available in stock

Oriental Food & Gift Store is happy to announce that Nature's Choice products are available in stock, including:

Dried Blueberries 100g

Packed with more antioxidants than any other fruit. Antioxidants, found in fresh fruit and vegetables, neutralise free radicals – and free radicals are degenerative cells in your body created by stress, pollution, smoking, food additives, alcohol overuse, and the general wear and tear of life. Dried blueberries have four times the anti-oxidant value of fresh berries because the careful drying process concentrates the goodness. It also increases the fibre and energy content.

Almond Nut Butter 400g

Nature’s Choice Almond Butter has a high nutritional content, with no saturated fat and is high in protein. It contains Vitamin E, which is good for skin rejuvenation, and generous amounts of mono-unsaturated fats, minerals, potassium and calcium. Almond Nut Butter is thinner in consistency and more spreadable than peanut butter (in fact, it has a similar consistency to creamed honey), so a little goes a long way. Nature’s Choice Almond Butter is high in oleic acid, which protects against heart disease.

For more information and to see the range of products available visit Oriental's website via the link below.

Nature's Choice products available in stock
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