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The name that covers everything - COLORITE PAINT

Proudly Zambian, Colourite Chemicals is specialised in the production of products such as paint and construction related chemicals, which have encouraged the company in becoming one of the leading suppliers of the nation.

Products incloudr: PVA Paints, Gloss Paints, Stoep Roof Paint, School Board Paint, Black Bituminous, Wood Preservative, Laquer Thinners, Contact Adhesive, Wood Glue and Many More!

7157 Mukatasha Road, Industrial Area
+260 211 286160
The name that covers everything - COLORITE PAINT
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Colourite Chemicals Ltd
Colourite Chemicals Ltd
Paint manufacturers
Established in 2010, Colourite Chemicals has become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of paint in Zambia. The company sells indoor, outdoor and decorative paints in a large range of colours and sizes. It also manufactures products such as paint thinners and cleaners, varnish, wood glue, spirit of salt and wood preservatives. In addition, Colourite Chemicals offers a range of wires, conforce, brick force and electric wires, all with enhanced strength and durability.
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