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An international standard optician service

John Hopkins Researchers say "Nearly 6 in 10 adults have vision/eye problems that may be improved with corrective glasses or treatment."

Their mission is to provide state-of-the-art eye care facility within the country, with the latest available technology worldwide, and to provide personalised services to the customer in a very friendly, safe and conducive atmosphere.

Cairo Road
+260 211 225572
An international standard optician service
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Phil Opticians Ltd
Phil Opticians Ltd
Health and medical schemes
Phil Opticians offers an international standard opticians service and comprehensive eye examinations that includes auto-refractometer to refine refractive errors; non-contact tonometer for eye pressure; visual activity tests for distance, near and intermediate vision; refraction assessments determining prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses; ishihara's test for colour blindness; as well as other eye health tests. They stock ranges of glasses, sun glasses, contact lenses and related products.
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