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One if the ten most beautiful bikes in the world according to the BBC

To many eyes, the bike you see here is, well, just a bike. But to millions of people across Africa who rely on pedal power to move themselves, their families and their goods, the Buffalo is very beautiful, indeed. The brainchild of the US-based charity World Bicycle Relief, the Buffalo is assembled by trained local workers at facilities in several African nations. From there, the bikes are donated to non-governmental organisations or sold to consumers across the continent. Its prim look, intended to recall classic British touring bikes, belies genuine brawn. Like its bovine namesake, the Buffalo bike is built for the rigors of African use – heavy loads, rough terrain and infrequent maintenance (each one includes a small tool kit and a tire pump). the BBC

2405 Kabelenga Road Lusaka
+260 211 221328
One if the ten most beautiful bikes in the world according to the BBC
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Buffalo Bicycles
Buffalo Bicycles
Buffalo Bicycle parts and accessories
Buffalo Bicycles is an initiative of World Bicycle Relief. It is a leading commercial brand of bicycles with a bicycle assembly facility and a storage capacity of 5,000 bicycles. They offer complete reliability and comfort and are dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihoods. Buffalo Bicycles have been forensically lab tested to withstand the rough and tough terrains of the country. The rear rack/carrier has a carrying capacity of over 100kg, and a durable seat with twin springs for comfort.
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