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A choice of Tafe or Farmtrac brands

Tafe tractors

For more than four decades Tafe tractors have been the farmer's first choice in India due to excellent quality, competitive rates and great after sales services. This range is ideal for heavy haulage, with high fuel efficiency and long engine life. Tafe is certified under ISO 14001 for its environment management systems.

Farmtrac tractors

The Farmtrac tractor is based on previous Ford models. However, further improvements have been made on many models whilst others are completely new models. Outstanding features of the Farmtrac brand include no electronics, proven design, competitive price and excellent fuel efficiency.

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A choice of Tafe or Farmtrac brands
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Chemical and Engineering Supplies Ltd (Saro)
Chemical and Engineering Supplies Ltd (Saro)
Tractors by Tafe and Farmtrac
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Chemical and Engineering Supplies uniquely holds a good stock of tractors and supporting parts at all times. This means there are no long lead times and you can view real-life models before you make the decision to purchase. There are professional teams on hand in all three stores (Lusaka, Mkushi, and Kitwe) offering their expertise and technical support. Parts are available and servicing can be handled by the company either in-store or on your farm.
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