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Professional fabrication of various steel products

CP Engineering manufacturers bolts, nuts, washers, helical gears, spur gears, spiral gears, bushes and screws. The company also fabricates steel ladders, gates, burglar bars, brick molds and trolleys. CP Engineering serves various industries such as textile, transport and construction.

3757 Luano Road, Buyantantashi
+260 212 218433, +260 212 218597
Professional fabrication of various steel products
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CP Engineering Ltd
CP Engineering Ltd
Metal fabrication and parts
Industrial tools and equipment
General hardware
This company has four departments - its machine shop, boiler shop, bulk storage warehouse and a retail outlet. CP Engineering provides welding machines, boiler shop supplies, machine shop tooling, heavy duty jacks, shackles and more. The company fabricates a whole range of products including bolts, nuts, washers, and helical gears. CP Engineering fabricates and designs products according to customer specifications and requirements.
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