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Boat or canoe trip to Mabongo Hot Spring

Mabongo Hot Spring is a natural place where boiling hot water comes up out of the ground and flows into the Kabompo River. Clients have a choice whether to a Boat or a Canoe trip to the Hot Spring. Snacks and soft drinks are served while you enjoy the scenery at the hot spring and have an opportunity to take photographs. As well as the beautiful scenery of the Kabompo River, crocodiles, hippos, and many bird species are likely to be spotted on the way,

L/38928/M Mufumbwe Road, West Lunga National Park
+260 955 441567
Boat or canoe trip to Mabongo Hot Spring
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Kabompo River Lodge and Campsite
Kabompo River Lodge and Campsite
Lodge and campsite
Boating and fishing
Run by Kitebe Safaris. Kabompo River Lodge and Campsite is Perched on the banks of the beautiful Kabompo River. It is a rustic lodge and campsite offering angling opportunities and a great place for total rest and relaxation, far from the busy tourist areas. Overlooking the West Lunga National Park, in the North Western part of Zambia with its lush riverine vegetation - excellent for bird watching, safaris and fishing. Their team strives to ensure that your stay is as pleasant as you desire it to be.
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