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Easing the complex process of importing and exporting

Worldmasters Freight takes away the hassles of dealing with paperwork, permits, rules and regulations from its clients by providing complete import and export solutions. The company also helps its clients to cut costs and prevent delays when moving their goods and cargo.

First Floor, Unit 114 Chiparamba Road, Chiparamba
+260 211 234970, +260 211 234971, +260 977 849492
Easing the complex process of importing and exporting
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Worldmasters Freight Logistics Ltd
Worldmasters Freight Logistics Ltd
Freight and forwarding
Import and export
Haulage and Logistics
Worldmasters provides prompt and well organised customs clearing services for the transport of cargo by road, air, rail and sea. With a team of experienced staff committed to the growth and success of the company, they efficiently respond to client needs and focus on the safe and efficient distribution of goods. This company uses world class logistics skills to meet customer needs and requirements, making it one of the leading customs and freight companies in Zambia.
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