Solar Suntech Appropriate Technology Ltd - A brief history

Suntech Appropriate Technology Ltd was founded in 1993 by Laureijs and Gerda Smulders. Whilst teaching in Zimbabwe Laureijs was manufacturing solar geyers and solar cookers with his students. From there the idea was born to start a solar company.

Together with Marko Donga they started a small manufacturing company in solar geysers and cookers in Kafue. A few months later the company started designing photovoltaic systems for customers. The company slowly started growing and after a few years the company moved its offices to the capital city, Lusaka as to be closer to the public.

20/1504 Mungulube Road, Northmead Lusaka
+260 977 772290
Solar Suntech Appropriate Technology Ltd - A brief history
Solar Suntech Appropriate Technology Ltd
Solar Suntech Appropriate Technology Ltd
Solar and Renewable
Power generation
Solar Suntech supplies a broad spectrum of power backup systems to ensure a smooth constant supply of energy from national grid supply and battery power. The company specialises in solar energy systems for homes and businesses. They also supply and advise on solar panels and equipment and offer maintenance and training services. Solar Suntech is an official supplier of products such as Victron inverters/chargers and Victron batteries and charge regulators.
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