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On-car brake disc-skimming service

The TS Tyre on-car brake disc-skimming service solves the majority of brake problems in one action. It takes just 45 minutes to skim each brake disc, including dismantling and re-assembling.

Plot 683 Cairo Road, City Centre
+260 211 235901
On-car brake disc-skimming service
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TS Tyre Services Ltd
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For car tyres ,including 4x4 tyres, and motorbike tyres in Lusaka, Zambia, go to TS Tyre Services who also supply tubes, rims, batteries, car accessories and electronics, suspension parts and garage equipment. At TS Tyre Services you can expect top of the range products with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. The equipment is accredited for all makes of cars and products and fitments are guaranteed.
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