High quality nutritious foods

Seba Foods is a reputable distribution company that provides high quality foods from maize and soya. With its products reaching all 10 provinces, this company supplies healthy soya pieces, instant thobwa, high energy protein supplements and corn puffs and has been successful in establishing long-term businesses with key retail chains. Seba Foods realises that availability is just as important as affordability and works closely with its principles to ensure both are met.

6454 Buyantanshi Road
+260 211 242380
High quality nutritious foods
Seba Foods
Seba Foods
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This company is a major producer and supplier of maize and soya based consumer food products. Seba Foods prides themselves in providing a wide variety of high quality products through well-known brands that include Golden Goodness, Seba's Instant Thobwa, Seba's High Energy Protein Supplement and Emilios. The company is committed to producing high quality food products from the finest quality soya beans and maize sourced from local farmers.
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