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Procurement management service

As a procurement company Edomax Procurement Solutions provides a procurement management service. Your company needs are accessed, your consumption rate is determined with the lead times for sourcing and delivery worked out so that you never run out of your computer consumables needs and business is not interrupted. The company is committed to providing its clients with the best combination of quality and support.

180 Luanshya Road
+260 953 607424
Procurement management service
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Edomax Procurement Solutions Ltd
Edomax Procurement Solutions Ltd
Procurement services
Computers and Accessories
Work place consumables
This company supplies a wide range of computers and accessories, as well as work-place consumables. With many years of experience, Edomax Procurement Solutions knows that procuring the right products for a business can be stressful. For this reason, this company is available to assist. Their team is on hand to take the hassle of sourcing by providing advice and the best deals. Edomax can supply all the computer requirements to run an organisation efficiently.
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