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Great deal of emphasis on quality control

In their facilities, Simmer Enterprises places a great deal of emphasis on quality control. It is their business plan to continue to develop and manufacture new products, seeking new trading partners while maintaining their distinguished existing customer base.

12609 Katanga Road
+260 974 573758
Great deal of emphasis on quality control
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Simmer Enterprises Ltd
Simmer Enterprises Ltd
Agricultural lime
Stock feed lime and grit
Calcium carbonate
Zambia has approximately 60 million hectares of land used for cultivation of various crops such as cotton, wheat, maize, soya beans, vegetables and rice. Simmer Enterprises understands that plant nutrition is vital for good crop yields, to ensure this, they supply top grade agricultural lime to farmers. Simmer Enterprises also manufactures high quality stock feed lime and grit, as well as calcium carbonate for paint production. Simmer Enterprises is able to deliver their agro lime to all parts of the country and the region.
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