Eat green vegetables to keep your eye sight prefect

Deteriorating eyesight is not an inevitable part of ageing despite what most people think – as diet and lifestyle changes also go a long way towards protecting our vision over the years. Mother nature provides us with a variety of delicious and nutritious vegetables to improve our eyesight including carrots, spinach, broccoli, oranges, sweet potatoes and dark berries.

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Eat green vegetables to keep your eye sight prefect
Phil Opticians Ltd
Phil Opticians Ltd
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Phil Opticians offers an international standard optician service, comprehensive eye examination that includes auto-refractometer to refine refractive errors; non-contact tonometer for eye pressure; visual activity test to find out distance, near and intermediate vision; refraction assessments to determine prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses; ishihara's test for colour blindness; duochurme rest, jacks on cross cylinder and pinhole tests and retinoscope and ophalmoscope examinations.
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