Fifi's Deli Corner at Mint Lounge Cafe

Fifi's Deli Corner at Mint Lounge Cafe's perfect, if you're looking for a quick grab of delicious goodies to enjoy at home. This shop sells a variety of home made breads, pastries, cookies, muffins, pastas, sauces, Italian cold meats, cheese, Sally's Organic Jams, Nomu's handy spices and baking kits.

Thabo Mbeki Road, Acacia Park
+260 965 773774, +260 976 129743
Fifi's Deli Corner at Mint Lounge Cafe
Mint Lounge Cafe
Mint Lounge Cafe
Casual dining restaurant
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Inspired by nature, Mint Lounge is the perfect setting to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. The cafe offers a wide array of delicious meals and drinks. Mint Lounge makes every effort to achieve a friendly environment where customers can sit back, relax, and enjoy quality food and great service. The cafe prides itself on using fresh ingredients prepared daily with the care of a homemade meal. Mint Lounge is a popular destination for business or casual outings.
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