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Proof of delivery updates now available

Are you tired of constantly following up on your shipment? Are you tired of not getting updated while your shipment is in transit? Are you tired of tracking your shipment constantly Online? Are you just tired tired tired of bad communication?

Well, Walter Genius Couriers now has good news for you! Walter Genius finds pride in constant communication with their clients. They have taken it a step further to make clients happy by constantly updating them on their shipments in transit for both local and international movements. Clients can also choose whichever form of communication is convenient for them!

So with Walter Genius, wherever you are, updates will still follow you! For more information contact Walter Genius today.

6562 Mumana Road, Olympia, Lusaka
+260 211 293056
Proof of delivery updates now available
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Walter Genius Couriers Ltd
Walter Genius Couriers Ltd
Postal and Courier
Freight and forwarding
Walter Genius Couriers specialises in freight and forwarding and customs clearance, as well as postal courier services. The company offers international inbound and outbound freight services by road and air. Walter Genius Couriers is dedicated to delivering quality and professional services with confidence in vastly under-serviced areas. The company prides itself in offering transportation intelligence to businesses using both domestic expertise, and regional and international partnership networks.
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