Promoting Zambia at its best

MyZambia MyAfrica is driven by three founding pillars of patriotism, philanthropy and promoting Zambia as a place to do business, visit and live. Their business in Zambia is essentially moving agricultural products from farm to market, processing soft fruit and developing solar power plants to support these business activities.

Plot 7 Chitemwiko Road, Kabulonga
Promoting Zambia at its best
MyZambia MyAfrica
MyZambia MyAfrica
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As a post-Brexit UK seeks to find its place in the world, focusing on Africa still holds considerable promise. MyZambia MyAfrica remains dedicated to building a positive and enduring brand identity for Zambia, by attracting inward investment and taking advantage of the opportunities that Brexit offers. World Bank Development Indicators have shown that the use of energy is strongly related to almost every conceivable aspect of development.
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