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Study engineering in the UK

There are a number of engineering degrees you can earn in the United Kingdom, a few examples include:

  • Architectural engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Electrical/Electronic engineering
  • Mining engineering

If you are interest in studying engineering call or send a message to Study Connect International. They can provide advice and assistance to students in Zambia wishing to study in the UK.

6109 Great East Road, Northmead, Lusaka
+260 955 308664, +260 972 384814
Study engineering in the UK
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Study Connect International
Study Connect International
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Study Connect gives straightforward advice on international study for private boarding schools through to universities, helping self-funded students secure places abroad. Complete their free assessment form to get started. Study Connect International will first understand your options, then manage your applications. They will advise on visas; provide information on accommodation and travel; and connect you with current students. Study Connect has relevant connections in UK, Australia, Canada, China, Mauritius, Netherlands, USA and more.
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