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Comprehensive insurance provided

Vehicle Portal provide comprehensive insurance on your car, giving you a peace of mind. The company will screen every renting customer to ensure that your car is safe. If you're a vehicle owner looking to rent out your car.

6075/1 Chisokone Road
+260 211 295290
Comprehensive insurance provided
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Vehicle Portal
Vehicle Portal
Car rental market place
Online car rental
This company believes in getting more out of your vehicle and that unused hours should not go to waste. Vehicle Portal is an online market place that enables ordinary people from the public throughout Zambia to list their vehicles for hire. As a vehicle owner, this is a great way to make some extra money on your idle car. For customers, this is a great platform for finding a choice of vehicles to hire. Vehicle Portal has vehicles on offer ranging from luxury cars and sedans to 4x4 SUVs, 4x4 double cabs and minibuses.
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