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Helping property managers, retailers and service organisations

Premium Fire Services provides companies and building owners with general advice, guidance and training on fire health and safety. The company has created long standing relationships with its clients, demonstrating a good track record in delivering valued and responsive advice services. Premium Fire Services works together with its clients at all times ensuring that they truly benefit from their team of highly qualified and expert fire health and safety consultants.

11872 off Chandwe Musonda Road
+260 211 223739
Helping property managers, retailers and service organisations
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Premium Fire Services
Premium Fire Services
Fire safety equipment
Fire health and safety
Inspection and Testing
Established in 2002, Premium Fire Services has grown into a successful business with a diverse client base from small business owners to big corporate firms. For each of their clients, this company sets out to reduce the risk of loss of life and property by applying their specialist knowledge and recommending and installing the most appropriate fire protection products. Premium Fire imports a wide range of fire fighting equipment from UK, Germany and South Africa.
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