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Providing bespoke solutions for clients

Forge Ltd are able to provide its clients with bespoke solutions combining high levels of safeguarding with the opportunity to customise the finishes to compliment the look of your property. The company offers an expert design, installation and maintenance service.

24C Nkwazi Road
+260 977 878843
Providing bespoke solutions for clients
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Forge Ltd
Forge Ltd
Construction project management
Security gates, burglar bars and roller shutters
Plumbing services
Whether you are looking to build or renovate, Forge (formerly Greenblox) offers professional solutions for residential, commercial and industrial projects. The company also designs, manufactures and installs custom made security gates, burglar bars and roller shutters. With their vast market knowledge, Forge collaborates with local and international businesses, ensuring that their clients' demands are met and delivered on time, within budget and according to your specifications.
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