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Ecotraz external parasite remedy available in stock

Have you heard about Ecotraz? Not sure how to use it?

Ecotraz is used as:

  • A dip or a spray for the control of mange, lice and ticks on cattle
  • A dip for the control of ticks, scab mites and mange mites on sheep and goats
  • Has a detaching effect on ticks and is Oxpecker compatible.

Available in stock at Afrivet Zambia. For more information get in touch or visit Afrivet today.

7249 Mukatasha Road, Industrial Park, Lusaka
+260 211 287071, +260 964 747857
Ecotraz external parasite remedy available in stock
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Afrivet Zambia Ltd
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Afrivet Zambia imports a full range of livestock items, with field staff available throughout the country to give technical advice and after sales service. It is the only registered distributor of Bayer environmental products in Zambia. This company also markets a range of environmental health products for cleaning, disinfection, public health, pest control as well as grain protection and malaria vector control. It has a large warehouse ensuring a consistent supply of goods.