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Transportation within and across all Zambian borders

JPSM Innovations provide premiere local and cross border. The company provides a professional and personalised service, and is committed to collect and deliver consignments on time, every time.

180 Luanshya Road, Oaktree Park
+260 968 114382, +260 977 881445
Transportation within and across all Zambian borders
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JPSM Innovations Ltd
JPSM Innovations Ltd
Freight and forwarding
Haulage and Logistics
Import and export
Incorporated in 2013, this company offers a broad spectrum of freight and forwarding, haulage and logistics services. JPSM Innovations also provides import and export permits, phytosanitary certificates, health clearance applications and many other statutory required documents for imports and exports on request. JPSM Innovations was set up with a view to carry out the distribution of goods and services, but with emphasis on customs clearing and freight forwarding.
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