Learn more about the Zambian culture

With more than 70 ethnic groups, Zambian culture is highly diverse. While cultures have many other universal traits, some have developed their own specific ways of carrying out or expressing them.

If you are a Kitwe resident, get a better understanding of the Zambian culture by tuning into Your Anthem Radio (YAR 89.9 FM) on Mondays at 09:00 am. Non Kitwe residents can stream live by visiting the website below.

Obote Avenue, City Centre
+260 212 220898
Learn more about the Zambian culture
Your Anthem Radio Ltd (YAR 89.9 FM)
Your Anthem Radio Ltd (YAR 89.9 FM)
Radio station
Multimedia and Advertising
This radio station was incorporated in 2004 and trades as YAR FM. It is the first commercial radio station to operate on the Copperbelt and is now being referred to as the authoritative voice of the region. Your Anthem Radio broadcasts from Kitwe on 89.7 FM to surrounding areas on the Copperbelt, with a rotational listenership base of over four million people. YAR FM presents a great opportunity for companies and individuals in and outside the Copperbelt to effectively advertise their goods and services.
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