Serves copper and cobalt mines in Zambia

Serving copper and cobalt mines in Zambia, Cure Chem Zambia is committed to provide superior quality products to their customers, supported by strong technical expertise. The company has the required licenses to handle such toxic substances and is able to advise their clients on safety issues when the need arises.

3145 Mukwa Road, Light Industrial Area
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Serves copper and cobalt mines in Zambia
Cure Chem Zambia Ltd
Cure Chem Zambia Ltd
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With the head office in Johannesburg, Cure Chem is a leading supplier of high quality agricultural, food grade, industrial, water treatment and mining chemicals. The company also supplies an array of knapsack sprayers. Cure Chem Zambia's international network enables it to supply quality products at the most competitive prices and to maintain a reliable and flexible service.
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