High emphasis on security

The LMS is built with considerable emphasis on security and has many enterprise security features in place to protect their clients. The security algorithms ensures that only authorised learners can access the system for the courses and reports that they are entitled to.

Any breach or unauthorised logins can be detected by the system and duly reported. The data that resides on the cloud is also protected and can be securely accessed by the authorised users, your institution's data is backed up every 24hrs.

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High emphasis on security
Astria Learning Zambia
Astria Learning Zambia
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This educational IT solutions provider partners with institutions around the world to meet the needs of students, faculty and administrators. Astria Learning offers the robust Astria Digital Library with millions of academic resources. The Astria LMS enables institutions to manage and deliver engaging content and activities to learners online. The Astria Campus Management System is also available with many features to manage overall campus processes.
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