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Backed by CPD Properties

Roma Park is backed by CPD Properties-owned by Renaissance Partners and the CPD Investments Group. CPD Properties is the premier property and real estate developer in Zambia. It commenced trading in 2008 and has begun providing personal and efficient service to all of its prospective and existing clients.

609 Zambezi Road, Roma
+260 969 291791, +260 967 976488
Backed by CPD Properties
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Roma Park
Roma Park
Commercial and light industrial plots selling
Commercial & residential property investments
Set on 118 hectares of virgin land in Lusaka, Roma Park is a mixed use development, the first of its kind in Zambia. Roma Park provides an unprecedented opportunity to invest in Lusaka, one of Africa's fastest developing cities. This is your chance to own commercial property 20 kilometers from Kenneth Kaunda International airport and about 6 kilometers from Lusaka's bustling town centre. Roma Park - where you want to be!
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