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Treadle sewing machines available

Madina Sales Ltd offers treadle sewing machines which do not require electric power. The Madina Sales shop in Lusaka, also provides all the accessories you're likely to need.

Karachi Street, Kamwala Shopping Centre
+260 211 238512, +260 211 238515
Treadle sewing machines available
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Madina Sales Ltd
Madina Sales Ltd
Textiles and Accessories
Footwear and Leathergoods
Sewing machines and equipment
Madina Sales supplies all kinds of quality fabrics and textiles at affordable prices – from cool cottons for dresses to rich upholstery material and everything in between. This company specialises in suiting material, wedding dress materials, drill fabric and sheeting material. Madina Sales has a professional customised curtain making service and a complete range of accessories for curtains.
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