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Company also provides field services

When these machines experience a fault due to a range of reasons, large currents will flow in their windings which in turn will cause these windings to burn out due to excessive heat. It has to be said that these machines run at relatively high speeds (3000 rpm) and at this speed their rotors develop very high inertia. In the event of a fault, this inertia is converted into mechanical power that causes further destruction to the machine.

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Company also provides field services
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Universal Electric Company
Universal Electric Company
Electrical engineering
Industrial and domestic electric motors
Consultancy Services
Universal Electric specialises in rewinding, repairing and servicing electrical machines, including motors, generators, transformers, welding machines and other electromagnetic units for commerce, industry and the farming community in Zambia. With a highly trained team, this company also offers consultancy services on all aspects of electrical systems integration. Universal Electric Company prides themselves on the quality of their service.
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