Fluid-handling products supplied by Fuel Systems

  • Fuel bowsers from 500ltrs to 2,500ltrs in poly, steel and stainless steel
  • Storage tanks of various sizes in both poly and steel
  • Transfer pumps on skids
  • Manual pumps
  • 220v AC and 12v DC transfer pumps
  • Diesel anti-siphon devices for trucks and construction equipment
  • Anti-theft protection lock nuts for wheels
  • Oil dispensers
  • Automatic grease hose reels
  • Dip sticks, dipping paste and water finding paste
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Fluid-handling products supplied by Fuel Systems
Fuel Systems Ltd
Fuel Systems Ltd
Fluid-handling equipment
Servicing of fuel systems
Fuel Systems supplies quality fluid-handling products and accessories for industrial and commercial use, specialising in equipment for the petroleum oil marketing sector. Their comprehensive range includes bulk meters, tanks, pumps, dispensers, fittings and hoses. Fuel Systems also offers technical support including pump and calibration servicing and preventive and corrective maintenance. The company has servicing call centres in Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe and Choma.
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