Upholding loyalty to clients

William Nyirenda & Company upholds loyalty to the client, to which effect it is its policy to avoid possible conflict of interest. Where a conflict of interest is apparent, the client is informed and representation declined when necessary. The use of their client's name in a promotion or for purposes of marketing is never done without express authority from the client. Where authority is granted, caution is exercised lest such client's interest be prejudiced.

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Upholding loyalty to clients
William Nyirenda & Company
William Nyirenda & Company
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1979 marked the establishment of Ezugha Musonda & Company, through the merger of two legal firms - S.S. Ezugha & Co. and Raphael Musonda & Co. Mr William B Nyirenda joined the firm in 1981 and by 1985 had become a Partner. Following the retirement of Mr Ezugha and Mr Musonda, the firm was passed down to Mr William B. Nyirenda SC, who continued to trade under the name Ezugha Musonda & Co. In 2002 the firm underwent a structural overhaul and rebranded itself to William Nyirenda & Company.
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