Dental X-rays

Elite Dental Clinic is able to carry out dental radiographs (dental X-rays) that help the dentists diagnose problems and plan treatments. X-rays show detailed images of the upper and lower teeth and the supporting bones, highlighting decay between teeth and changes in the thickness of bone caused by gum diseases.

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Dental X-rays
Elite Dental Clinic
Elite Dental Clinic
Dental surgery
Elite Dental Clinic provides high quality dental care for the whole family at three Lusaka branches - Woodlands and East Park Mall. Services include cavity treatment, oral examinations and preventative care, with a focus on dental health. The surgery has a purpose built area for children, to help them stay relaxed during dental procedures. This professional clinic has state of the art materials and equipment, with experienced and highly skilled dentists. Go to Elite Dental Clinic for a fabulous smile!
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