New 100% natural blood sugar supplement

Omega 48 is a blend of 13 herbs, spices and plant extracts, specially designed to clean the circulatory system. It may help balance blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. This unique formula is being used by thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. Go to any Umoyo Natural Health shop and ask for Omega 48 which is priced at K250.

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New 100% natural blood sugar supplement
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Umoyo Natural Health operates health shops in Lusaka and the Copperbelt, selling a wide selection of natural health products. In addition, some of the shops also have 'Mini-Clinics' that offer health consultations, therapies and detox programs. Umoyo Health Shops are located at Arcades Mall, Woodlands Mall, East Park Mall, Cosmopolitan Mall (Makeni), Kabulonga Centro Mall, Mukuba (Kitwe), East Park Gym (Umoyo Fitness Bar). Umoyo, passionate about health.
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