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Wanner engineering – Hydra Cell

Heavy duty pumps for the processing industries, truck wash facilities, gland service water and many other industrial applications. Hydra-Cell positive displacement pumps feature a seal less pumping chamber and hydraulically balanced diaphragm design, enabling the pumps to provide leak free, low maintenance with high output performance while processing liquids with a high content of solids in suspension over a wide range of pressures, flows and head lifts. These pumps can run dry without damage for extended periods and will handle abrasives and particles (up to 500 microns) which is normally destructive on many other pump designs. Multiple diaphragms minimize pulsations allowing Hydra-Cell to operate virtually pulse free reducing the need for expensive pulsation dampeners.

5032 Mutentemuko Road
+260 212 218140
Wanner engineering – Hydra Cell
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Tri-Pump and Engineering Ltd
Tri-Pump and Engineering Ltd
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Established in 1996, this company supplies a full range of pumping systems and tools to mining and related industries, as well as the agriculture and commercial sector. Tri-Pump's rental division offers solutions to various dewatering needs. The company provides technical support, training, spare parts, and servicing of its vast range of quality products either on site or in one of their up-to-date facilities. This company provides unrivalled expertise with global experience delivered locally.
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