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Reinforced hose pipes

M&F Packaging Industries provides hose pipes widely used for drawing and conveying water, oil and powder in factories, agriculture, engineering, food processing factories and sanitation lines. The hose used for foodstuffs is made of special materials that are non-toxic, light, without odour and transparent. This hose can be used for conveying milk, beverage, distilled liquor, beer, jam and other foods.

7148 Mukatasha Road
+260 211 288003, +260 977 788728
Reinforced hose pipes
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M&F Packaging Industries
M&F Packaging Industries
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M&F Packaging Industries is one of the leading producers of polyethylene plastic sheeting, household plastics, conduit pipes, air vents and accessories in Zambia. The company manufactures the bulk of its products from recycled plastic, making it a very environmentally friendly enterprise. It is an authorised reseller of ZALCO copper cables and cathodes and supplies a wide range of electrical products such as sockets, switches, combination plates and modular frames.
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