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Gives advice on how to keep your pets healthy and happy

If you are responsible for the care of an animal you must provide for its basic needs. These needs include:

  • A suitable environment and accommodation. This would include providing adequate room for the animal, fresh bedding changed or cleaned at appropriate intervals and, where necessary, shelter from the weather.
  • A suitable diet, which should be adequate to keep your pet healthy throughout its life. Overfeeding certain kinds of animals can lead to serious health problems which can be just as bad for animals as giving them too little to eat.
  • The ability to allow your pet to exhibit normal behaviour and to interact with other animals where appropriate. This need could be met by providing sufficient space or things which the animal can play with. Some animals are happier when in the company of the animal's own kind, others are perfectly happy with human company.
  • To be protected from suffering, pain, injury and disease. Animals should be protected from fear and distress by providing conditions which avoid mental suffering. If you have a sick or injured animal it must be given appropriate treatment and, where necessary, you should take it to a vet.
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Gives advice on how to keep your pets healthy and happy
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Bayhealth Veterinary Services
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Bayhealth Veterinary Services provide veterinary healthcare to pets and farm animals. Just like indoor pets, farm animals need routine veterinary care. Most livestock - goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, horses, poultry and waterfowl require de-wormers and vaccines. When farmers and pet owners face a problem, Bayhealth has the knowledge, technical skills and interest in getting the job done. It is also committed to providing up-to-date advice, backed up by the latest research and innovation.